Ukulele Parts

Tuning Machine, Nut, Neck, Body, Headstock, Fret, Fretboard, Soundhole, Saddle bridge, bridge, ukulele for beginners

Parts of a Ukelele (for beginners!) Whether you’re a beginner who’s not familiar with the various parts of a ukelele yet, or a more advanced player who just wants to know more, the following information should be informative and helpful! Tuning Machine Located on the ukulele headstock, the tuning machine functions as a regulator of Continue Reading

Uke Strings

Nylon String

Top 12 Uke Strings You’ll Love Everyone who plays stringed musical instruments, of course, will choose the size of the strings that vary according to the comfort while playing and quality of sound. The size of the strings will greatly affect the level of comfort while playing ukulele. String sizes are measured by the string’s Continue Reading

Best Ukulele Brands

best ukulele brand

How to Choose the Best Ukulele Brands All ukulele brands sold in the market have good quality standards and have been thoroughly tested. Furthermore, high demand and competition between producers have helped to keep product standards high. This is especially true for ukulele manufacturers that are able to display or sell their products through online Continue Reading