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Ukulele Case

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Not everyone knows the name of the small-sized guitar. This because the public more knows of the guitar with a normal size and has 6 strings, while the small-sized guitar only has 3 to 4 strings, and often called by the name of ukulele. But despite its small size and tend to be very light, ukulele can produce melodious tunes. As well as guitar normal size, ukulele also usually taken by using the special case. As for two types of case available for stringed instrument ukulele, that is:

  1. Hard case for ukulele

Special suitcase ukulele is a little different with the guitar the ukulele is because the small size makes it easy to build it. The first type is made of wood or commonly called a hard case. Usually people use a hard case to store the instrument, for a reason that will bring a musical instrument in a long journey. Usually bring musical instrument in vehicles sometimes require that the best way to keep it in a safe place from the shock and friction other objects.

  1. Soft case for ukulele

In addition to a hard case to store the ukulele, some people also usually choose a place called soft case that is usually made of plastic or leather. Storage places like this are often selected only for trips that are not far away and does not require much time or just to save the tool to avoid dust that will make the strings rust.

For make your ukulele durable and long lasting, then below there will be at least 3 tips for caring for your ukulele to keep a melodious tones there are:

  1. Ukulele must have a storage area such as case.

Buy case as a place to store the ukulele safely. Case serves not only serves as a storage area, but the case helped ukulele friction free from dust or other objects. As has been described above that the case for ukulele consists of two hard case and soft case. Suitable for those who are often out of the area for touring musical or frequent exercise in the music studio, case help you care for your ukulele well.

  1. Always Clean The Strings Ukulele

One way to make the ukulele still has a melodious then it helps you perform the following steps diligently cleaning the ukulele strings by using a special cleaning fluid. Cleaning fluid usually is sold in music stores. At least once a week you clean, this is done to prevent the ukulele strings are rusty or damaged. Do not forget to loosen the strings ukulele before storing, because it also can make your ukulele durable and not easily damaged.

  1. Put ukulele in the right place

Do not put the ukulele in a haphazard. You should put a ukulele in the right place. Avoid damp places, do not put the ukulele on a slippery wall in a vertical state, and should not be placed on the floor. This is done to make your ukulele can be long lasting and durable.

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