7 Tips of Ukulele Beginner Lessons

Ukulele Beginner Lessons

Ukulele Beginner Lessons

As a layman who wants to learn playing ukulele, ukulele beginner lessons are needed. Playing ukulele, which is a native Hawaiian small guitar, is really fun. This instrument is played ranging from street children, Jack Johnson, to billionaire Warren Buffet. Ukulele can be played on your free time, spending time at home, while traveling to the beach or taking a break from the deadline.

Ukulele is sold with various models and of course the price. Start tens of thousands, to millions for the costume designs. Its mini size is really portable and easy to play. In addition, the chord is easy to explore. Ukulele’s voice is melodic, distinctive, and ukulele can play virtually any kind of musical track.

If you feel you need ukulele beginner lessons, here we give you 7 tips to play ukulele for beginners.

  1. Choose a decent ukulele

Obviously if you want to learn to play ukulele, you should have it first. Maybe you could just borrow it from a friend, but by having your own ukulele, you can get a much deeper chemistry. There are 4 types of ukulele; soprano, concert, tenor and baritone. Select the one that you think is the most suitable. Our advice for beginner, choose the type of soprano. If you can play the guitar, baritone ukulele can also be the best choice. In addition to choosing the type of ukulele, you also have to pay attention to the ukulele brand. It’s better to buy a ukulele from a trusted brand that you can get through music stores in your town, but if your economic conditions are less good, local brands also have a lot of good quality.

  1. Learn how to hold the ukulele

Although seem trivial, but it is a mandatory basic things you learn. Find the most comfortable position to hold ukulele, either standing or sitting position. By getting the most comfortable position, you can play the ukulele well. If you’re still confused, you can see the videos on YouTube and learn how the professional ukulele players hold their ukulele.

  1. Have fun

Do not make this ukulele-playing exercise as a burden. Enjoy the process. You do not need to provide five hours or more per day to be immediately adept at playing the ukulele, you just take the time to play the ukulele as best you can and make your daily routine. Make your ukulele practices as entertainment in between work and other activities.

  1. Begin from the basic things

Do not expect to be expert fast, especially after you see the video of the professional ukulele players. They initially started all of the basic training. Start training your ukulele playing with the keys of the base. If you already started adept, began to increase with a higher difficulty.

  1. Fingering and Strumming

Both while playing the guitar and ukulele, strumming and fingering exercise is the basic way that must be mastered. After basic ways of fingering and strumming ukulele has been mastered, you can practice a few variations that will increasingly make you explore with your ukulele. Videos on YouTube can be very helpful in the process of this exercise.

  1. Record your game, hear and correction

Occasionally try to record when you practice playing the ukulele, then listen to the tape and correct the shortcomings of your ukulele’s performance. You can also share the tape over to a friend or someone who is more expert in playing ukulele and ask for their opinion about your ukulele’s performance.

  1. Play with fellows and other ukulele players

Look for ukulele community in your town and play with them. Besides going to add to the experience, you can also add knowledge as well as many friends. Together this community, you can do to improve the performance skills to play the ukulele.

Playing the ukulele is not as difficult as you imagine, isn’t it? Please have fun to apply these ukulele beginner lessons. Let’s rock the world with ukuleles!

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