As a complement to the harmonization of ukulele music, with u bass

Just as there are guitars and bass guitars, there are ukuleles and bass ukuleles. The Ukulele bass, commonly called the U Bass, is a well-known type of bass ukulele that is ideal for musicians of all levels, from beginner to advanced. The U Bass is can be acoustic-electric or solid body, and is available with 4 or 5 strings.

It’s the same size as a baritone ukulele, which has the largest body and lowest tone of any ukulele type, making its dimensions comparable to a slightly small acoustic guitar. Despite its relatively small size, it’s able to produce the same pitches as a standard bass instrument. The secret is the U Bass strings, which are made of rubbery polyurethane.

The rubber strings make the sound produced from the U Bass a little different, especially when playing acoustic. The U Bass’s polyurethane strings duplicate the sounds of a bass guitar, although they have a shorter sustain. The big tone can be enhanced by using a pickup, which plugs into an amplifier.

It’s important to play with a suitable amplifier in order to take advantage of the U Bass’s full, deep sound. The standard tones are the same as those of a bass guitar, so it’s easy for bass guitarists to learn how to play the U Bass. However, it does take some time to adjust to the U-Bass’s unique strings and small size.

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