Choosing and Caring Ukulele Straps

ukulele straps

ukulele straps

A ukulele strap is a strip of cloth with leather or synthetic leather sections at each end. This is done to hold the ukulele through the shoulder, on the length adjusted to suit the preferred position by ukulele players. Basically ukulele straps can use the strap which is usually used in the guitar.

Although not as big as the guitar, but with the shape of a small guitar, ukulele also has a variety of accommodation to put up the strap. The most common is the strap buttons, also called pin strap, which flanged steel posts anchored to the ukulele with screws. Strap buttons sometimes replaced with a cord lock that connects to the strap ukulele safer.

The lower strap button is usually located in the lower part of the ukulele body. Upper strap button is usually located near or at the top of the body: the curve of the upper body, at the top end of the double cutaway, or in the joints of the neck. Some ukulele with a minimalist and light design usually has a second strap button at the bottom of the body. In some acoustic ukulele, rarely top strap buttons located on the headstock. Some acoustic and classical ukulele has only a single strap button at the bottom of the body; the other end must be tied to the headstock, above the nut and below the engine head.

Some acoustic and classical ukulele come even without the strap buttons altogether. In this case, one or two strap buttons can typically be added to the ukulele, or classic ukulele strap which is also often referred to as a harness guitar. How to put this guitar harness that supports the guitar is by putting the strap around the neck and hooked it to the hole on the ukulele body.

There are some things that should be noticed while choosing ukulele straps before it is used, from material selection strap; leather or synthetic leather, nylon webbing strap or a strap made of transparent plastic. You should make sure that the used strap must be robust to withstand the heavy loads of our favorite ukulele. Adjust the width strap with the heavy of ukulele that we use. Ukulele which its size is smaller than a guitar uses a strap with a width of 3 cm or smaller is very adequate.

Try to hang your strap when not in use, fold the strap of course will leave a mark, its roll will surely make you strap coiled like a snake. Especially for the leather strap, you should store it in a cool and not humid room. The room also should have adequate air circulation; it is to protect the leather strap of fungi that will damage it. For leather strap use special cleaning fluid for leather, or you can also use body lotion to retain moisture and keep the leather material in order not to broken its paint.

Ukulele straps greatly help your musical performance on stage. You can more freely play the ukulele while singing with the help of a strap than just carrying the ukulele and held it close to your chest. Because the straps are also very supportive for your appearance, choose a strap that fits your personality and style. You do not have to choose a black strap if you prefer bright colors or rainbow colors.

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