Choosing Best Tenor Ukulele for Your Best Musical Weapon

Best Tenor Ukulele

Best Tenor Ukulele

For music lover, having a capability to play an unusual instrument could be very exciting. Ukulele is a musical instrument that has its own exotic side. Shaped like a guitar, but with a smaller size and only has four strings, this musical instrument originating from Hawaii has been able to steal a lot of attention of music lovers. Ukulele is divided into several types according to its size, namely; soprano, concert, tenor and baritone. Soprano ukulele is the smallest in size, while the baritone ukulele has the greatest size. Here are some reasons why you should choose best tenor ukulele as your best musical weapon.

Before we find some tenor ukulele which can be an option for you, it’s good for you to know more the basic materials of this exotic musical instrument. The original ukulele from Hawaii usually made of koa wood. This wood can produce exceptional sound and a very beautiful surface. Right now, it is only high-priced ukulele that uses this type of timber.  For middle priced ukulele, the most widely basic material used is mahogany wood. Mahogany produces a softer sound than the ukulele made of koa, but the sound quality of mahogany ukulele is far below koa ukulele. Besides koa and mahogany, other wood used to make the ukulele is spruce. Usually used for ukulele at a low price. Usually ukulele from spruce is used by beginners to learn to play.

In addition to relying on basic materials, to choose a good ukulele you also have to consider whether you want ukulele made from laminated wood or solid wood. Ukulele produced from laminated wood will usually look more appealing than  those made of solid wood, but the quality of sound produced by a ukulele made of laminated wood is far below the ukulele made of solid wood.

Best tenor ukulele is approximately 26 inches or about 66 centimeters. When it is compared to soprano and concert, the sound produced by the tenor ukulele closer to the sound of classical guitars. Maybe that’s why the tenor ukulele is the most popular and most widely used by the professional musician.

Same as soprano and concert ukulele, tenor ukulele also can be tuned at the same way, which is GCEA. However, some of professional musician loves to lower the tune like a baritone ukulele or usual guitar, which is DGBE. Because of its ultimate side, many people like to have tenor ukulele than others. By having DGBE tuning, they can explore more music and sound comparing than the usual tuning that is used on soprano and concert. Moreover, because of the fret board of tenor ukulele is longer than its smaller brothers; it can produce higher notes and fuller sound that can give you the best musical performance on a stage.

Based on the information above, surely you are now no longer so confused to determine why best tenor ukulele is right for you. The ukulele may come in many brands and prices; you can choose one based on your own favorites and budget. However, it’s not a matter of brand and price, the most important thing is comfort and chemistry that you get when touching and playing ukulele with your hands. That’s why you should try the ukulele and find a perfect connection between you and the weapon. Happy hunting your dream ukulele, guys!

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