Concert Ukuleles; Perfect Game for Middle Beginners

Concert ukuleles

Concert ukuleles

Concert ukuleles are a type that is most prevalent in the community. The size is much larger than a soprano, but without leaving a distinctive voice ukulele, makes it more enjoyable, especially for middle beginners who want to be more adept at learning to play the ukulele. When finished studying with soprano, the concert can be the next stage of learning ukulele. With sizes ranging from 38 cm to 40 cm’s, ukulele concert become a common choice with the most suitable model. The concert body has made many musicians can explore more than when playing a soprano.

When choosing concert ukuleles, you should consider some items. It’s beyond brand and price. Both of them are optional. You can choose brand based on your favorites. You also can choose price based on your own budget. The most important thing when you want to have a concert ukulele is you should pay attention on the wood material. Higher quality the wood, higher quality the sound is. That’s why you should try the ukulele before bring it home.

As with other types of ukulele, concert could also be found in various types of wood, from koa, mahogany to rosewood. This type of timber will determine the future of high or low prices ukulele. In addition, the price of a concert ukulele is also determined whether the wood used laminated or solid design. Ukulele made of solid wood will be much more expensive than the ukulele made with laminated wood for the sound generated is much more melodic.

You should also have to know that the ukulele type is usually called as alto ukulele since the produced sound fuller than soprano ukulele. What makes it is loved by middle beginners because the tuning is same as the soprano, which is GCEA. So, when you want to move from concert to soprano, you will not meet too much adaptation. However, the best thing of concert ukulele compared than soprano is the longer size of the fret board that has given a chance for a musician to explore more music and sound. When a soprano only consists of 12 to 15 frets, a concert consists of 15 to 20 frets.

Concert ukuleles although relatively smaller in size than the tenor and baritone, but has many advantages. Some of the advantages include; portable which is so easy to carry anywhere because of its small size, easy to learn and play, even by small children or the elderly, can be as accompanist singing, melody or even playing solo ukulele, mini-orchestra, where ukulele can play a component of rhythm, melody and bass of a song simultaneously. Playing the ukulele is very fun and brings joy for the player, can play any music streams, ranging from pop, rock, keroncong, Hawaiian, local music, country, harp and others. There is no fixed rule in playing the ukulele; it allows you to have free expression. People do not expect much when you play the ukulele, this is your chance to prove the greatness of ukulele with a surprise in your ukulele’s performance. Are you ready to explore with your concert ukulele? Have fun!

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