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Some of you who want to buy an ukulele, but do not understand the price and type of goods, no harm opened this article. You need to take the day in selecting the goods. Not only cheap but the quality are doubtful the origin. There are 5 tips to have good choices:

1. Look at the Basic Body Material

Commonly ukuleles made by wood used in construction. The wood quality influence the sound of ukuleles. Wood for acoustic instruments are often quite different from those used for electric instruments. Traditional ukuleles  made from KOA Hawaian. It’s certainly one of the most attractive (especially the curly koa). The sound is often described as “woody” which roughly translates to warm and full. Acacia is a cousin to koa and shares its properties.Type of timber is able  to generate KOA’s that produces sound The Warm And Beautiful are heard , but of course the price is very expensive.

Type of inferior wood is mahogany, pine and rosewood . In Indonesia, most often found are mahogany thus making ukulele from these materials become cheap than other.

2. Type of Strings

After finding adequate materials used to make the body ukulele, the second thing to understand is to know the type of stringed ukulele. Ukulele strings are the main factors that determine the quality of the sound. choose a good string requires precision slightly complicated. Besides the size of the thickness and length you also have to perform tuning.

The strings will be different length and thickness depending on what size ukulele they are made for. At least there are 4 types of ukulele strings made for: Soprano strings, Tenor strings, Concert strings, and Baritone strings.

For a thinner strings tend to have a higher tone, such as ringing, but thicker C, generally in tone G. Make some mistake in choosing the strings is a natural thing because it takes experience to understand basically sound. Finding yourself with a set of strings that don’t fit on any ukulele you have is a great excuse to buy yourself a new ukulele. The most popular strings are Aquila and Worth.

3. Find Trade Mark

Brand is not everything that ensure the quality of goods. But consumers assess a particular brand because generally they have ever tried. There are several brands of ukulele outstanding, for example kala, mahalo, lanikai, pono, kamaka, luna and kanilea. The brands each have a different quality with different price. For brands that come from abroad the price ranges below 500 USD to over 500 USD. For which there is a brand under 500 USD there are Bushman, Kala, Ohana, Oscar Schmidt, Fender, Lanikai, Ibanez, Eleuke Mahalo, while those above $ 500 Oceana, Kamaka, Ko’olau, Pono, Islander, Nalu, Kanilea, KoAloha, Mya-Moe, etc. Make sure you buy the original is not a clone.

4. Usefulness of Goods

You definitely want to buy an ukulele has a specific purpose. Whether it’s just for a hobby or commercial purposes. If you are a beginner who has a hobby of singing we recommend to buy the cheap ukuleles that has the standart quality. But if you should buy a professional who has a good quality so durable in use and produces a perfect pitch.

5. Find Cheap Ukuleles

The economic principles said that we are trying to sacrifice the smallest treasure but also derive maximum benefit. Whether this can be applied to the election of the ukulele? If you can distinguish the sound of the ukulele played in the street with that in the formal stage? How the sound quality. If you want the original voice sounds certainly do not need to consider a few notes above, seek the most inexpensive.

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