How Important Using Ukulele Capo?

Ukulele Capo

Ukulele Capo

What is Ukulele Capo?     

For whom of you who are already capable at playing the ukulele, you may know about tools called capo? Yups, capo is needed capo is when you want to practically raise the pitch of the song to a different key so that it will be found suitable sound. Capo is comes from word “capotasto”, which is in Italian means “head of fretboard”. It is a tool used around the neck of your ukulele by strap it to keep depressed the strings needed to produce a certain tone. So basically strings on restless hearts capo not Specified limited with your finger. In short, the capo is used if you do not want to re- tune ukulele.

Besides that for those of you who want practical transposing chord can also use it. Exp. A # m becomes Am. If you want to play tones Am you can put a capo on the first fret so you will get the same tone. Now you remain on the same chord but you easier to play it.

What Kind of Ukulele Capo? 

1.      Spring Loaded Capo    

Kyser is a well known brand and sell very decent ukulele capo. So far this is the most favourite capo. This Capo model allows you to quickly change the position of the capo on the fretboard with one hand. This capo but weakness cannot be set regulated pressure on strings even tend to be larger. This is the handle capo and sell a very decent ukulele/banjo capo.

2.      The C-Clamp Capo         

This is the most expensive Capo. This capo is very sturdy, reliable, and compact. The way to operate it is by turning a little screw for adjust the applied pressure on the string.

3.      The Elastic/Toggle Capo    

These are the cheapest capo ever sold. It’s price is only about 5 USD. This is a capo capo is a lightweight, curved and elastic to be applied on the ukulele and tighten the strings. You can buy some at the same price. But unfortunately, the price is very cheap, the quality is very low and the capo easy to break when used to pull the strings in the song plays. This capo types most commonly used by street musician or anyone who have hobby playing music because it is easily obtained.

Capo made ​​not only for the ukulele. If you do not have that particular you can use a guitar capo. Ancient musician has no capo, they use a pencil and then tied up with rubber, but this method is less effective for long-term purposes especially for concerts.

How Important Using Ukulele Capo?               

How to use a capo is easy. You live clip of this tool on the ukulele neck in whole or leaving the others. Let’s suppose you pinch the strings of 1 to 2, leaving strings of 3 to sound normal. We suggest you do not rely on this capo, when learning a song. You should be able to play the original chord to see the diagram.

If you requires to buy a capo, you can buy it at the nearest music store. Cheap price range between $4 – $16, while expensive can surpass. Another consideration for the purchase capo is a type of ukulele, whether acoustic, electric, or classic. Classic fretboard surface is flat (flat), more curved acoustic (curvy), and are electrically tend to be thinner, do not let one choose the type, you can further consult with the seller.

Here are Ukulele Capo product selection

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