Learn to Play the Left-Handed Ukulele

Left-Handed Ukulele: Learn to Play the Left-Handed Ukulele

Left-Handed Ukulele

Being left-handed should not stop you to learn playing ukulele. You may find challenges from more complicated practices than those the right handed face. Yes, there are debates over this but there are also solutions and guides for you to try and sure finally improve your skill. Stop being confused and let us overview some basics guide to play left handed ukulele.

  • Reverse Your String

Playing a left-handed ukulele roughly means you do everything in reverse. Arrange the string in left-handed order. Use the tuners to adjust the reversed order without making the string feels clumsy and there you have a left handed ukulele!

Holding the instrument by using the right hand to keep the neck fingering the chords and left hand to strum is not an easy task. Playing this way, you have to prepare more strength and endurance on the hand with harder work, which is the left. You may feel unnatural and sloppy at first that it needs a lot of practice. If the clumsiness persists, the left-handed people are advised to try playing right-handedly just for comparison to find which way is better and feels more comfortable. Some lefties even do not have difficulties playing in this traditional way.

  • Notes on Setting the Strings

As strummed music instruments in common, ukulele also has vary string diameters. In ukulele, there is the little piece called nut that the strings go around from the neck to the tuners. This nut has slots for each string. Slots in good quality ukuleles precisely fit the strings. Problem is, when you flip the instrument and reverse the order, the smaller string will jiggle around in the larger slot while bigger strings would not fit in the smaller slot. Even when all the strings can make their way to the slots in reversed sequences, he produced sound may not be as good as in the traditional order. Here buying a new string can be a solution for more adjustment. Some recommend cheaper ukulele for this since the slots are more adjustable for different string diameter. This may be the trickiest challenge in learning left-handed ukulele and where the most cons are coming from. However, you can find more helpful advice and guide in the music store to set up a left-handed ukulele. Some stores have this special service for the lefty. They will set the strings in reversed order for free.

  • Translate the Traditional Guides

Reversed position is done and now the challenge must come from translating the traditional materials like chord diagrams, photographs, tabulature, et cetera. Good chance is your left hand will naturally strum the string patterns and rhymes both upward and downward. Practice and practice on this.

Nowadays, there are plenty of reliable music materials online specially composed for the left-handed players. The actual chord fingering keeps you away from the reversing job or mirroring. You will not be ‘alone’ anymore. For serious learners, there are technique books that provide chord diagram to master chords on the fingerboard up and down. As it for serious player, the books do not come with simple song for beginners. Should not be worry with that, again, more practices will help you to understand these sophisticated technique books.

We all know that there is no easy practical way as a shortcut to be a learner in everything in this case playing music instrument. A left-handed person even possibly faces more complicated tricks. It is all your decision whether you will go on the left-handed way or trying traditional way (many lefties do this and find no significant difficulty). Happy learning!

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