Newbie and Need to Buy One: Best Ukuleles for Beginners

Newbie and Need to Buy One: Best Ukuleles for Beginners

Best Ukuleles for Beginners

Some people are interested to learn playing ukuleles without even them having the instrument. There is nothing wrong with that but as the practices are getting intense and tricky, you may decide to get yourself a new ukulele. You may take for granted some information on brands or buying tips as long as you can intensively play the instrument. However, to make a worth spending and quality practice, here are guidelines for buying best ukuleles for beginners.

Basic Tips before Purchasing One

  • The Right Size and Shape

Ukulele is music instrument from Hawaii. The so-called mini guitar was brought by immigrants from Portuguese and became popular in Hawaii. Though it is known for the small size, the instrument actually has four types with different size. The types from the smallest to the biggest are soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone. Many people love the first ukulele because of the friendly size and shape so it is easy to carry everywhere. However, do take into consideration that the sopranos can be a bit too smaller for adults. For another option, you can consider the second type, concert. The shape is just perfectly right, not too small nor too large. Many reliable recommendations claim this type is the best ukulele for beginners. Concert is commonly used for music performance.

  • Materials

Ukulele is generally made of wood. However, there are variety of wood used. The first is the largest wood material used in making ukulele in Hawaii, the koa wood. Ukulele which is made of this material produces a very melodious sound. The distinct sound produced makes koa ukuleles expensive. If high price matters, mahogany ukuleles can be an option. You can also find ukuleles made of pine wood and rosewood in store. Here in Indonesia, we are rich of mahogany woods which make ukuleles from this material cost relatively affordable. Keep yourself alert for the quality; do not be fooled with low price. Always double check the sound and comfort if you are interested in cheap uke. Some cheap instruments are not even comfortable to play and simply frustrate you along the practices.

  • Brands

There are numerous reliable ukulele brands even for beginners. The number one rule is, never purchase fake or imitation item. You will thank yourself for buying a genuine ukulele. Some famous brands like Kala, Mahalo, Lanikai, Pono, Kamaka, Luna, Cordoba, and Kanilea are to name just a few over countless options. Good sources recommend Kala for the good sound and durability. Almost no complain over Kala purchase, many shop attendants in music stores state. Lanikai is believed to be next largest ukulele chosen after Kala. The instruments are very good and some types are similar to Kala’s. For concert purposes, Cordeoba is a great choice. The brand beautifully crafts the instrument and they have some great features like rosette and attached fingerboard. If the great options in that music store still confuse you, ask the attendant to give the most suitable recommendation.

  • Beginner’s Gadgets

Some ukuleles come with good accessories. Actually, beginners do not necessarily need accessories. Still, if you want your practices be more sophisticated, fashionable, or just want to keep everything clean, you may need a good tuner and a case. You can also motivate skill improvement by treating yourself more accessories every time you accomplish new lessons well.

In conclusion, you have to recognize your necessity before finding the right ukulele. Quality is sure to be the most important value for a good mastery. Now it is time heading to the nearest music store and get yourself the best ukulele for beginners.

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