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Purple Ukulele

Purple Ukulele

Ukulele seems unique and more interesting than a guitar, especially the soprano ukulele that does have the smallest size ukulele than other types. With its tiny size, it is so easy to carry wherever we want. Fortunately soprano ukulele also presents in a variety of colors. One of the most favorite ukuleles which are sold in the market is purple ukulele. Maybe because the color is attractive and can be suitable both for men and women, so many people are choosing purple for their ukulele’s choice. Many ukulele brands issued purple series. Here are some brands that you may consider.

The 2511 Purple Mahalo Ukulele is a soprano model that is perfect for everyone. Although many refer to it as an instrument for the beginner, but the soprano ukulele also features great quality that also can please the more experienced musicians. The best thing of this ukulele is the 2511 Mahalo has shiny purple finish that will make you stand out and let you express yourself. To make it easier to carry and remain protected, Mahalo also provides a black nylon bag.

As soon as you unpack this ukulele and began to perform tuning, you will see the gold-plated machine heads dolphins that adds some nice touch and makes tuning easier and enduring. Ukulele strings are made of Aquila Nylgut, which is the best string in the market, would be able to produce a really good tone. Body and neck of the ukulele are made of sengon wood that resonates well and give great Hawaiian sound for each song you play. The bridge is made of mahogany and creates a beautiful bass sound. Overall, we believe this ukulele will be really fun to play and listen to.

Besides Mahalo 2511, Kala MK-SD / PL Makala Soprano Ukulele Dolphin Bridge also offers a choice of purple ukulele that will make your day more cheerful. With its features, such as; beautiful purple color, dolphin-shaped bridge, geared tuners, comes with safety bag and affordable price, this ukulele offers a different sensation music performance and another than others.

Other ukulele product which also offers a beautiful purple color is Diamond Head DU-108 Rainbow Soprano. Ukulele from Diamond Head offers the following features; maple body, its length is approximately 346 mm, fingerboard and bridge are painted with a slick and perfect, nickel-plated guitar-style geared tuners and it has beautiful purple finish with matching gig bag. Although at first glance, it looks like a musical instrument toy, the ukulele is capable of producing a very melodious and classy sound as professional musicians who play it.

There is no doubt that the soprano ukulele is a great instrument for every musician interested in whether you are experienced or a beginner. Soprano ukulele is always fun, super easy to learn and a great value. Ukulele craze is still going strong across the country, so there will still be plenty of ukulele lessons and ensembles that you can join. By bringing purple ukulele, of course, it will make you gain confidence when meeting new people and having fun with them.

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