Qualified Ukulele Lesson Book

Ukulele Lesson Book

Ukulele Lesson Book

The Type of Ukulele

Maybe we confused how to choose qualified and easy read ukulele lesson book. Qualified book probably contain contents ranging from history to how to play the ukulele. Ukulele is a universal instrument. So the four-string ukulele can be played from the north pole to the equator.

Before trying to play it, we should know the type of ukulele..

Ukulele has four strings, while chukulele stringed 3. Setting the tone on the ukulele is not the same with the guitar. If the strings are sorted from top suits ukulele GCEA composed tone (from top string/strings No. 4). The size is also different strings, the strings to 3 is the thickest string. The ukulele has four different sizes, starting from the least of which is the soprano, concert, tenor and baritone greatest. Soprano, was the smallest ukulele and most traditional ukulele among others. “So, if you want to buy a ukulele with an original sound, buy soprano. But there are some drawbacks (on ukulele soprano), namely small fretboard, so sometimes hard to use it.

Other types namely ukulele concert ukulele is the most ideal models among other models because the body and fretboard concert greater than soprano. Yet his voice remained as the original (soprano). There was also the tenor of which is a kind of model of choice of the professionals. Tenor more playable for solo/melody as fretboardnya fairly large. But the sound produced is little left originality ukulele. The last and largest type is baritone. The shape is almost as big as the guitar in general. Together with the guitar tuning D-G-B-E. So the same chord played the guitar. Baritone ukulele size is suitable for guitar players who want to try ukulele. The disadvantage, the sound of ukulele baritone very bass, more like a guitar.

At least this is the part of qualified ukulele lesson book

1. The steps guidance of playing ukulele    

  • Learn to hold ukulele

Holding a musical instrument should not be carelessly especially for beginners. If invalid can affect the speed of sound and play music.

  • Tuning up the strings

Setting the tone is very important to get good sound quality especially when playing together with other instruments.

  • Tone layout

Tone layout is very important for readers to play each chord and produce the right sounds.

  • Chord list

List chord key is needed could allows readers easy to read it especially if accompanied by an image that is easily seen.

  • Sample songs

Sample of songs is needed to train a player’s ability directly. Of course the song instance shaped like musical scores that have a key and full tone.

2. Style of player

  • Solo player

This technique allows players to play doubles as well as play the chord melody played by turns, as well as playing guitar.

  • Dual player

If there are two players at once, you can divide each role. one player holding a chord and key, the other plays the melody. It will feel more beautiful because it allows variations in tone.

3. Type of music

There are many types of music using ukulele, or cenrung. You can playing rock, dangdut, pop dut (collaboration pop and dangdut), keroncong, country, and reage. This is possible for them who are already adept at playing the ukulele.

That’s one of sample basic qualified ukulele lesson book. If you are able to play it, it could not harm to make your own book and sell it. Certainly many people needs your book especially if it presented with pictures looks more interesting.     

Here are ukulele lesson book product selection

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