Resonator Ukulele; Custom Made Ukulele with Louder Sound

Resonator Ukulele

Resonator Ukulele, source pic

Resonator ukulele has similar design and purpose with the resonator guitar. This is a type of ukulele which is usually designed custom made to produce a bigger sound production. The craftsmen manifold ukulele resonator is usually designing an acoustic ukulele where the sound source is generated from one or more metal cone that rotates, and not from a wooden plank on its top body. The rotating metal cones are then referred to the resonator.

At first, resonator on the ukulele is same as a resonator guitar, which is designed so that the sound produced becomes louder than the wood-based ukulele in general. The purpose of designing this ukulele with  resonator design is in order to get sound that can be competitive with other instruments when they are used together, for example at events such as orchestra, band performances, and so forth. Resonator on ukulele consists of square and rounded necked.

If you see a usual ukulele consists only of a particular timber which is designed as a small guitar with four strings, so when you saw resonator ukuleles, you would look at it in amazement. Still with a tiny guitar shape, but the hole in the middle of the ukulele body has been replaced with a device that not only maximizes the production of sound, but also enhances the appearance of the ukulele. In the midsection of ukulele that had only a hole shaped as a ballot box has replaced a resonator that is designed to produce a louder and melodious voice.

Some designs of resonator ukulele include tricone which is custom ukulele with three metal cones. There is also a ukulele with a single cone that has only one metal cone as a sound source. Both tricone and single cone was first designed by the National Guitar Factory. While the most popular design is the design of the cone upside down, this is more known as the Dobro. It is now a registered trademark of Gibson, one of the leading guitar manufacturers. Dobro then is used for a particular design on a Gibson’s resonator guitar and ukulele. Excess of resonator with Dobro design is its capability to produce sounds louder than tricone design and its production cost is cheaper. Moreover, by designing Dobro resonator, the resonator body of ukulele can be made of wood, metal and other material. Usually there are two main sound holes, positioned on either side of the fingerboard extension.

Unlike the resonator guitar which is generally played as a lap steel guitar, resonator ukulele is still played conventionally. Due to its small size, if ukulele is played in lap steel, it will be more difficult. To be able to get the ukulele with resonator designs, you should look for a manufacturer who could make it handmade. If you have enough knowledge in the design of a product, especially a musical instrument, you might try to design your own dream ukulele. You also can see some differences of common ukuleles and resonator ukuleles through video YouTube. You can choose whether you love the resonator ukuleles or the usual ones.

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