Selections of Ukulele Brands

Ukulele Brands

Ukulele Brands

There are many choices of ukulele brands in the store. For beginners, buying a new one can be both fascinating and overwhelming. That is why recommendations and guides are important helps for these new learners. Meanwhile, for the advanced players, might still find it puzzling to decide which one to purchase. Here we will overview some recommended ukulele brands and their purposes.

  • Recommendation for Beginners

Beginners need durable instrument with good sound. We can find some brands that come with quality and affordable prices. Makala is many claimed as the most suitable brand for beginners. They offer some specially design collections for these new learners. For young player, Makala Dolphin ukulele is worth to try. Besides its plastic material, it still produces good sound and really playable. The second brand is Lanikai.

Consider its soprano ukulele which is made of laminated real wood for more affordable price. Lanikai also offers a more expensive option, the tenor uke which is made of solid wood. It produces melodious tone and loud volumes. Cordoba is also worth your consideration. It offers high quality sound, good materials, and reasonable price. It is made from mahogany with the look of solid wood. The next brand is probably the best-known ukulele maker in the world, Kala.

The brand makes the same ukuleles in all three sizes. It will be helpful for those with big hands and fingers figure which commonly find difficulties in playing small sopranos. Kala also has travel uke that achieved good rate from users because it features like sleek body, interesting design, and the light weight. For beginners who already play guitar, Luna is really an option because the size is larger and you can put it closer to the body just like an acoustic guitar.

  • Ukuleles for Collection

Although ukuleles have gone through some revival, vintage items are always lovable. Martin and Gibson are among familiar ukuleles for collectors. Back in time, Martin offered three models to the market in 1918. In 1920, they made 12 and 17 instrument in tenor and concert types. However, the Martin 5-K in 1922 was highly sought by the collectors. Gibson produced their first instrument in 1926. That year, the types Uke-2 and Uke-3 were the most collectible items. Other brands that have great vintage looks are Kala, Kamaka, and Gretsch. Banjo types or even handmade instrument from coconut shell are to name just a few over stunning vintage looks you can find.

  • More Selections in General

We have come the best five ukulele brand recommendations for beginners. Still, there are useful reviews around the net you just do not want to miss. Oscar Schmidt, Fender Nohea, Mainland are few of them. For more information and reviews, you can join a group or community online.

  • Buying Tips

If the purchase will be your first ukulele, it is advised to borrow or rent first. This way, you can recognize the dfferent sizes and types and finally decide which ukulele brand is the most suitable four your need. Go to the nearest music store to try the instruments and do not hesitate to ask for suggestion from the attendant.

It is important to recognize your purposes in practicing ukulele, whether you do it just for fun or you seek for professional skill. By doing that, you can later presume the budget. Even though cheap instruments are easy to find, you do not want to regret your choice over low price resulting poor quality and bad sound. Do not have to worry because many ukulele brands offer high quality in reasonable prices, as we discuss earlier.

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