Tenor Ukuleles Gives You a Fascinating Solo Performance

Tenor Ukuleles

Tenor Ukuleles

Tenor ukuleles are one type of ukuleles besides soprano, concert and baritone. By size, tenor is larger than ukulele soprano and concert as well as smaller than baritone. With size ranging from 26 inches or 66 cm, tenor ukulele fits better in the hand making it is more popular and more widely used than other ukuleles.

In addition to its size, tenor ukulele is also more commonly used by professional music players because the distance between the fret and the width of fret board is further and larger than the soprano and concert. The resulting sound is bigger so it is more convenient to use for solo performances.

Talking about the ukulele, it cannot be separated from the history of its emergence. Many people think that ukuleles have attributed with Keroncong in Indonesia, but actually ukulele itself comes from Hawaii. The musical instrument which looks like a small guitar was found in 1878. The history of this ukulele starting from the arrival of immigrants from the Portuguese who number about 20000 people carrying small guitar called Braginho. The guitar became famous musical instrument in Hawaii and developed until only has four strings only. Later the guitar is called as ukulele.

In his home country, ukulele is made from Koa wood. The wood has a beautiful texture so that when formed into a ukulele will produce outstanding artwork. In addition, the sound of ukulele made of koa much more melodic than if made of other wood. However, now ukulele which uses  koa wood as the basic material is very highly priced, while the ukulele at a low price usually use mahogany, rosewood, nato, and spruce.

Tenor ukuleles that are found in the market today are usually made of mahogany wood. In addition to its affordability, mahogany is also more readily available. The resulting sound is no less tuneful of Koa wood, though of course the quality is still underneath.

In addition to the right choice of wood, when you buy a ukulele, especially the type of tenor, you should also consider whether it uses laminated wood or solid wood. Laminated wood indeed produces a more beautiful surface, but the quality of sound which is produced by ukulele made of solid wood is the champion. That’s why usually ukulele from solid wood is much more expensive.

Tenor ukuleles come in various brands. From famous brands like Kala, Mahalo, Lanikai, Fender, Pono, Kamaka, Luna and Kanilai, until the local brands that can be found in many countries. In fact, you could also buy a ukulele that is custom made so that it can be adapted to your own wishes and comfort.

Ukulele with tenor type has several tuning options; g c ‘e’ a ‘, g’ c ‘e’ a, or d ‘g’ b ‘e. However, some musicians say that the most tunable tuning for tenor ukuleles are tuning low-g which can produce sound with a touch of bass and have a wider range of sound. Because of this ultimate side, that’s why many people choose tenor ukulele for their best solo performances.

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