Thinking of Picking Ukulele Pick?

ukulele pick

ukulele pick

Pick is a small accessory used in playing strummed music instrument and can be very helpful. You can consider a pick when you constantly breaking nail or to have better control strumming the strings over large fingers or simply you just want differences. Still, there are some key points in using ukulele pick to make a good play. Here is some information before you begin playing with a pick.

Know the Pick

Ukelele comes in different thicknesses. You can find it out by measure in millimeters or it is roughly stated as hard, medium, or soft.

  • The soft pick

This pick is very flexible that it slightly bends when it is pressed against the strings. The sound produced is gentle yet bold.

  • The hard pick

In contrast with the first one, hard pick is hardly bends when pressed and is stiff. This allows the hard pick produces heavier and clearer sound as it gives more energy from the stroke of the strings.

There is also plectrum or flat picks. There are three types of plectrum well known as standard picks, felt picks, and rubber picks. Be careful in using standard pick because it potentially scratches the top of your ukulele body. Meanwhile, felt characteristics are thick and rigid. Some musicians claim this pick is too clumsy and can only be used for strumming, not picking. Even though it is actually not common to use among ukulele players, there is nothing wrong to use this accessory that it possibly allows you to discover the range of sound and different style.

Ability to play with picks can later be your distinct value because not all players are able to use them. Some just even do not want to try. The rest decide to grow finger nails to be their picks. This in fact becomes a heated debate among ukulele players.

You can simply choose your preference based on your comfort because the thickness is easily adjustable to your skill. However, it is advised to use flexible pick since it is more natural and playable instead of the rigid one. Soft, flexible pick also is friendly for nylon strings. Whichever pick you prefer, pay attention to the strength control because it needs practice to make softer or louder sound.

It sometime comes into question whether guitar pick can be used for ukulele or not. Probably there is no significant problem with that but please take note if the pick is thick. It may cause scratch on the body. So it is wise to use pick which is specially purposed for ukulele.

Advantage in Using a Pick

Practicing ukulele with a pick will give you a different level of skill. Using a pick allows you to produce clearer sound than you do it with finger nails. Another advantage is, as it is can be a safe and helpful accessory, we can produce a loud sound without breaking a nail or battering hand. Train your skill by using a pick, it is worth trying and is inexpensive. It is even recommended for you to try different types of picks not just to find out which one is best, but also to improve your skill.

Pick or finger, it takes a lot practice to master ukulele. The players who are regularly seen using picks normally play well with fingers too. Although the debate over this is quite heated, the preference is simply based on taste and comfort. If you already found that your best is the finger, then there is nothing to lose to try different ambience using ukulele pick.

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