Ukulele String Names From Top to Bottom

Ukulele String Names

Ukulele String Names

If you already have a musical instrument ukulele, the next step so you can play is to learn how to tune the strings. You do not choose the wrong articles this is because this article will help you to learn how easy tuning your strings ukulele with independently.

Ukulele strings each has its own adjustment, so it’s always a good idea if you check it before you play it. This is usually done by the musicians before they start plucking their ukulele. If each different type of ukulele strings on how to set, then this article will explain in accordance with the type pf ukulele that exist, so it can help anyone if they want to tune ukulele strings at home.

  1. Soprano and concert Ukulele Tuning

In soprano ukulele, we can start from the top strings and start looking for the tone G on this strings. The third string is tuned to a C, and E note on the second strings. and the last, the bottom or the first string is tuned to an A.

  1. Tune the strings to Tenor and Baritone Ukulele

Baritone and tenor ukulele tuning techniques strings have almost the same and easy, especially for those of you who are already good at playing the guitar, because of the way the strings are very similar adjustment by adjusting the four strings on the guitar. Usually the musicians are only required to find the tone G..

We can start from the top strings of fourth string of the ukulele is tuned to a D. The third string is tuned to a G, and the second string is tuned to B. And the last string is tuned to an E.

But in fact there was little difference in the way of tuning besides that was explained above, there is no way slack key tuning and English tuning. Tuning the strings conducted with open strings, you just have to find the tone of C Major on a string ukulele, another case with the English tuning, which is often used as a standard for ukulele tune.

After knowing how good tuned for ukulele, then it is time you also know about the ukulele string names. What do you call the strings on your musical instrument ukulele? This seems like such simple question, but unfortunately, it’s not easy to answer. This is because, ukulele strings have so many names, but there are two primary methods of naming them.

  1. Naming convention is to use numbers

The first, string names is to use numbers you can call them the first, second, third and fourth strings.

  1. Naming based direction

The second way, string naming based on directions. You can call the bottom for the first string, and the top for the fourth string. It is easier to hear but not easy to practice.

Naming the strings are usually done to facilitate the owners or players of musical instruments, but usually novice musicians will follow every steps on the book note, so they will be familiar with terms used books.

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