What Is Flying V Ukulele

Flying V Ukulele

Flying V Ukulele – photo source

Flying v ukulele, what kind of ukulele is it? May be some people are already know what is ukulele. But if you want to know more about what ukulele is, ukulele or known called as Uke is a kind member of lute family. Lute is a kind of music instruments. Uke generally employs gut strings, 4 courses of   the strings or four nylon.

The History of Ukulele

Ukulele history starts on the eight century in Europe. Yes, ukulele’ history, starts from Europe continent. Stringed by the eighteen century. Ukulele as fretted instruments has a kind of long history.

Eventhought lutes and guitars as larger instruments than ukulele had developed benefit too for the sea-faring musician. The guitar shrunked down  in Portugal to became a kind called machete.  And then in 1879, 4 (four) Portugueses who work as cabinet makers set off with the Ravenscrag ship on board for Hawaii.

But, not as they hope. The market is not too big. The furniture especially Portguese furniture’s style demand are not so large. At that time Hawaii’s community largely poor. And so do agrarian population were  not being big enough to make money such to support them all.

The four Portuguese cabinet makers then decided to start to making instruments. One kind of instruments they choose to make is a new form of machete ( a small guitar).

Who knows why it becames an ukulele. There are some mythology surrounded along ukulele. Where does it gots the ukulele name and all. But, the ukulele become hit in Hawaiian people generally. Especially in the Royal Family. And then, ukulele firmly became established as the Hawaiian musical instrument. In the coming of the twentieth century, and American come to Hawaii and love the musical instrument too.

Now, everybody know that ukulele is a Hawaiian musical instrument. Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll used the ukulele in his songs too. Even in his films, we can see ukulele as one of the king of rock and roll musical instrument.

Love Me Tender, Can’t Help Falling in Love, Don’t Be Cruel are some of the songs which using ukulele as one of musical instrument.

Flying V Ukulele

But flying v ukulele is a V shape of ukulele. It is a kind of a new design of ukulele. Eventhough guitar has a V design shape too. But guitar is not ukulele.

The guitar is a akind of popular music instrument. Made of woods and guitar has the same shape as ukulele.in the classical form of ukulele. But guitar has a bigger shape than ukulele.

Flying V ukulele shape is a kind of classic. But not all the ukulele players love to play flying V shape ukulele.

Besides, this flying v design is a little tricky to hold than the natural shape of ukulele. But it is all depend on who play it. May be some other player pretend to play a kind of flying v shape of ukulele. And some others love to play clasical shape of ukulele.

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